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The Klima range of Commercial Heat pumps range from capacities of 180 litres/hour to 1000 litres/hour. Based on the storage capacity, these machines can cater to varying demands of hot water consumption. The advantage of Klima Heat pumps are that they can be installed in a modular fashion thereby providing the flexibility to meet any capacity additions that are being planned by customers at later stages. To derive full efficiency of the Heat pumps, it is essential to have robust storage tanks. Klima also helps customers choose the appropriate insulated storage tanks.
Savings of 70% compared to electric geysers Reduced carbon emissions Long Life
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A stand-alone heat pump with inbuilt storage Tank Plug and play - minimal piping connections Storage capacity of 120 litres Silent Operation Assured hot water supply through out the year Flexibility to connect to existing solar systems also
Klima Heat Pumps are designed based on the applications and the specific needs of the customers. Our heat pumps can be fitted for applications like residential usage where the demand can be in the range of 100 litres per day to large hostels where the demand of water can exceed 20,000 litres/day. In residential applications, our machines have a self-contained tank and hence it eliminates the need of external storage. For commercial applications, the hot water generated by the heat pump is stored in insulated storage tanks. The key to designing an efficient system is to arrive at a balance between the storage capacity and the regeneration capacity of the Heat pump.